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Where was William Fullmer’s blacksmith shop

We know that William Fullmer was a blacksmith in Packwaukee and Adams. We need to find that blacksmith shop in Packwaukee. Mom is going to check the Marquette County Tribune readership and will check the tax records at the Historical Society. We need someone to check the deeds for the property across the street from the restaurant in Packwaukee on Liberty St. He owned it from around 1907-1911.

Find John Holweck’s Gravestone

John Holweck and Josephine Auer (his wife) are buried somewhere in the Calvary cemetery (the Catholic one) in Wisconsin Dells. Unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure where. Dad and Rob have both walked the cemetery with no luck. If we could get someone to track down this stone, take a photograph of it and maybe even get GPS coordinates (or just draw a map of where it is), that would be great!

Directions to the cemetery: Take Hwy 13 (16/23) into the downtown Dells. After crossing river bridge (going towards Mom’s), continue to the third set of stop lights and turn left on Vine St. Continue straight on to the Calvary Cemetery main entrance.

The Cemetery is maintained by St. Cecilia Catholic Church (603 Oak St., Wisconsin Dells). They keep records of the cemetery and who is buried where. The phone number is 608-254-8381.

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