As you play around on New Family Search, you can’t help but begin to see how far back some of these lines go.  For example, if you follow the Scribner line to Robert Scriven and Elizabetha Alicia Corbet and then follow the Corbet line, you will find all sorts of lines that go waaaay back.  I realize that the further back you go the more errors there could be, but for me it was just neat to go so far back that I could see biblical names on a genealogical line, such as King Solomon and Caesar Augustus.
As I browsed through connecting lines, I came across many interesting names.  So here is my list of top ten cool names that I found on Family Search:
1) Charles the Bald
2) Ardaric, King of the Gepids
3) Escam Princess of the Huns
4) Wacho of the Lombards
5) Gandolf Alggeirsson King in Norway
6) Aud “The Deep Minded” Ivarsdatter
7) Godwulf King of Trojans
8 ) The Scarlet Woman Rahab
9) Bezaleel “The Master Craftsman”
and my favorite…
10) King Odin Wodin of Asgard